It’s A Trap– A Butterfly Trap!


Sometimes a trap is worth being caught

When the city that you work for is the Butterfly Capital of the World, you have to wonder…Is there that many butterflies in Coconut Creek.

Atala Butterfly
Atala Butterfly on white flowers

I have been attacked by atala coming out of work, and once in a while you see a monarch or whatever mimicking it floats by. But do we really have the largest collection of these colorful insects?

The answer might not lie in our parks and gardens, but in our very own tourist trap, Butterfly World, home of a million butterflies.

Yes, a million butterflies! Making this the largest collection of a living and dead butterflies in the world.

At $27.00 per person, one might wonder if this trap is worth getting caught in.

Hint: If you are from the area, or planning to come down more than once the season pass is worth it. At $54.00, you break even in two trips. Also check out Groupon or local stores, they sometimes have a deal for two for the price of one.

Butterfly world path

Path at butterfly world

I will admit to getting caught in this trap more than once.

Why you might ask.

To tell you the truth, it’s peaceful there. First of all, the butterflies are housed in a huge aviary, that is about two stories high and about a couple of acres wide. This makes it one of the biggest butterfly houses in the world. And not only are there butterflies, but hummingbirds, flowers, trees, and a waterfall. You can walk to the top of the waterfall and overlook the who scenic wonder. Stepping into the aviary, you feel like you have entered an enchanted garden.

Tranquil music plays while you stroll around looking at the butterflies.

The butterflies are free to move around, and some of them zoom at you, barely dodging you (the little things really can zoom). Make sure you have a fast shutter speed because they do not stop for pictures.  So as you walk through this very peaceful garden, you are surrounded by colorful butterflies, listening to very tranquil music and flowing water, you can help but feel at peace yourself.

We will spend a couple of thousands of dollars to go to a tropical paradise to get the peace that this place offers.

If you are really lucky, one of the butterflies will even land on you.

Butterflies with banana

Butterflies eating banana

Hint: Butterflies like to hang out at the feeding stations, so if you are looking for a good picture, look for a dish with bananas on it. I guarantee that you will find more than one enjoying a snack.

Along the path you can also check out the cocoons (The ones that have been collected). Last time we were there, a couple of the butterflies started to emerge from their cocoons.

Hint: Butterflies prefer warm, bright days, so make sure you visit them on a warm bright day to get the maximum effect of butterfliness.

Two passiflora

Butterfly World also has other attractions than the butterfly aviary. One of my favorite areas is what I like to call the alien garden. Different types of exotic vine flowers grow freely, and when the flowers are in full bloom, they look like they are from some alien planet.


Another favorite is the Lorikeets encounter where you can meet and feed these very colorful (and loud) feather friends. Last time I was there, I got a new boyfriend, by the name of Caesar. The lady who was overseeing the encounter said that Caesar was somewhat of a ladies’ man, and sure enough as soon as another young lady enter the encounter, I was forgotten. Oh well, so much for true romance.

For a $1.00 you can feed these very friendly, intelligent and loud birds.

The last stop is only for those who are brave (or get dragged by their boyfriend). Inside a building next to the Lorikeet encounter is the bug house (yikes!)

Me with Ceasar

I have a parrot on my head

Spiders I have no problem with, scorpions I think are neat, and who doesn’t love grasshoppers, centipedes, and millipedes. There is one thinking I cannot stand.

Cockroach…. both the flying and non-flying ones.

The number one reason why Florida is not paradise. Florida has both types of cockroaches, and they are huge.

This place has hundreds of them (in a glass cage, or there will be no way in hell you would have ever gotten me in there). I can’t even type this out without getting the heebie-jeebies.

Butterfly on red flower

Zibra longing butterfly on a ixora

If you are interested or like bugs, check it out. If not, stay very, very far away…you have been warned.

The last stop is of course the gift shop. And along the usual shirts, postcards, and knickknacks, you can also purchase live lady bugs (we did).

Those lady bugs were living in my refrigerator for a week until we could release them. Turns out the maximum time to release them into the wild is at night after a rainstorm. And for some reason, our usual monsoon had taken a vacation that week.

They also have the seeds of the alien vine flowers and of course caterpillars (that you can watch turn into a butterfly before releasing them).

So there you have it, Coconut Creek’s very own tourist trap. So is this worth getting trap in.

Well, it’s no 100 foot ball of yarn…it’s better!

So next time you are driving down the Florida Turnpike and see a sign boasting over a million butterflies. Make sure you stop. You will be glad you did.

Visit Butterfly World
Visit my Flickr Butterfly World Album


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